All pharmacies dispense drugs. Most pharmacies, however, don’t make the drugs they dispense. Instead, they purchase these medications from the drug companies that create them.

These ready-made drugs are generally effective and of high quality. Ingleside Pharmacy is proud to provide clients with hundreds of such preparations.

Sometimes, however, patients don’t respond well to these mass-produced medications. They may not tolerate certain components of the drug, or they may find that slightly different combinations or ratios of ingredients are more effective. Patients may also require drugs that have been discontinued or not commercially available.

The art of preparing medications dates back to the origins of pharmacy. At Ingleside Pharmacy, we still practice the time proven art of compounding. This is done with modern variations of the “mortar and pestle” to prepare unique and individualized medications. By working with your physician, compounding allows us to customize the strength and dosage form of a medication according to individual needs.

The possibilities are endless. Our pharmacist can formulate almost any kind of medicine and specifically design it just for you, including children’s dosage forms and flavors, capsules and suppositories, hospice formulations, skin preparations, lip balms, medicated lozenges, suspensions, bio-identical hormones and veterinary medications.

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MEDISCA is a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered supplier of fine chemicals.

MEDISCA is committed to bringing to the pharmacy compounding community the highest quality fine chemicals, compounding supplies, compounding solutions, and training.