Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein Weight Loss


Ideal protein is a structured weight loss program that is specifically designed to help you MAINTAIN your results long after the program is complete. The program involves one-on-one lifestyle and dietary education from one of our very own ‘Ideal Protein Coaches.’


What to expect from Ideal Protein?


1)   You can expect to lose weight incrementally while preserving your muscle mass.


2)   You will receive one-on-one coaching, lifestyle education, and support from our ‘Ideal Protein Coach.’ This personalized approach is key to weight loss success.


3)   You will learn how to develop healthier eating habits to maintain your weight loss goals long-term, without having to sacrifice the foods that you love.


4)   You will fully realize the health benefits of losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Understanding these benefits can be a motivating factor for many people.  You will also gain an understanding of how your body is affected by the food that you eat.

For more information call Long Sault Pharmasave (613-534-3777) and ask to speak with Stacey Marsolais, our very own “Ideal Protein Coach!”. Or book now with our online booking service.



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