FlavoRx may be the difference between compliance and resistance.

Let's face it, unless specifically formulated for children, medicine usually tastes like, well, medicine. However, family doctor's still prescribe a wide variety of medications for children and teens that aren't specially flavoured for easier compliance.

And even though as adults, we're just supposed to brace ourselves and "take our medicine," in reality it's not always that easy - not when every spoonful makes you wince.

Enter FlavoRx. We provide that added touch of flavour to help the medicine go down – no matter how old you are.

A Quick Taste Of FlavoRx:

  • It enhances the taste for better compliance by kids and adults alike
  • You can change a flavoured product to something entirely different that you or a family member likes better
  • Different flavours can improve compliance in cases where a disease condition alters taste perception.

12 Flavours available for prescription and non-prescription liquids.  Also available, some vet flavours.

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